AM/FCI/JAP CH, Rolin Ridge's Am American Sky
OFA BSD-3116E24F, BSD-EL878F24, DOB 2002.07.26

Sky came to Japan when she was 4 months old,
and we were pleased with this pretty girl puppy.
She has correct head, structure and good temperament.
Last year (2007), she went to U.S. and finished AKC championship easily.
We are very proud of her!
Special thanks to Linda McCarty who gave us this wonderful girl.

* 2006 Pedigree Award in JAPAN
* 2007 Asian Int'l Dogshow, Best of Breed/ GROUP4
* GROUP1 at 9 months old

* 2007 PVBSC Speciality, Winners Bitch
* 2007 ODCA Speciality, Winners Bitch
* 2007 BSCA National Speciality, 4th place in Open bitch class

Best of Breed & Asian-Winner at 2007 Asian int'l Dogshow
Judge: Mr. Kari Jarvinen(from Finland)

Group 4th at 2007 Asian int'l Dogshow
Judge: Mrs. Michele Billings(from U.S.A)

WB at Regional Speciality

WB at Regional Speciality

4th Place in OPEN bitch class, 2007 BSCA National

Finish AKC championship

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